Friday, September 9, 2011

My Next Victims

The time has come to bid farewell to these friends that have been with me through the thick and thin.  From long marathon-training runs to the labor-and-delivery room these have remained true and faithful. Sadly, I've neglected them for some time.  I can probably pin-point exactly when it happened-- when  I left my Discman at Gold's Gym back in 2005.  Our relationship hasn't been the same since.  It is time to give them a makeover so I may put them to use yet again.   My goal is in the next 72 hours  7 Days, upload (or is it download? Clearly I'm not speaking techie here!) these babies into a beautifully and thoughtfully designed music library and then begin enjoying them once again:

Though I'm not quite sure if I can do it.  Because computers crash and in theory, I could lose all this music. How can I make sure I don't? Besides keeping these CDs?  Well, either way. If I keep them, they will be put away in a very far away place that will no longer clutter my world. Without further delay, here's the break-down.

Steps to eliminating CD clutter in your life:
1. Round up all your CDs from every corner of your life. That means tracking down the CD you loaned a friend 4 years ago.
2. Sort through them and toss the ones you have no desire to listen to and/or have no nostalgic value
3. Sort them by genre as best you can.
4. Begin uploading the music into your music library of choice (ie iTunes)
5. Donate the CDs to your favorite charity or tuck them away somewhere sensible in your house, like in one of these:
Leslie Dame CD-612LD Wood CD, DVD, Video Storage Cabinet with Library Style Face - Dark Oak

{note these are on backorder. Supposedly mine was coming in on August 15th. Here we are on September 8th and still nada.}

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Sarah said...

Oh! Thank you so much for writing "supposedly" instead of "supposably" as some people like to say it. ...Anyway, one thing we have done, is put all the cds into a caselogic-sytle book. quite compact.