Friday, September 23, 2011

Adorning the Elk & Wreathery Faux Pas

I decided to follow Kristen's advice and put forth an earnest effort to spiff up the home office to see if I could make it a little less cave-like and a bit more bearable. Without further delay, I present to you:

 "How to Dress Up Husband's Elk Mount With On-Hand Accessories

1 platinum blonde wig (I was Tamn for Halloween last year...or was it the year before?)
1 hot pink and gold cape snatched from Daughter's dress-up drawer.
1 teal scarf -- a recent gift from China (I LOVE this scarf, so when the weather cools, I'll have to steal it back)
1 crown borrowed back from Daughter's accessory dress-up bin.
1 adorable pink waist apron my girlfriend made for me. I originally tried a bonnet, but the animal is just too large, so I had to think bigger for the head piece.

1 chair (to reach the blasted thing)

Adorn with care!

As you can see, I used only the finest of accessories.

 He now looks more like a "she."

While I am at it, I may as well plea my case here and explain the dimensions of this enormous, room-swallowing animal.

from the tippy top of the antlers to the base of the neck, it is 5 FEET.

from the snout to the end of the body is 3 1/2 feet!
Sadly, these two walls are really being wasted so for now I just put a sofa underneath the animal. You have to be careful not to bonk your head when you sit up, of course.

And in case you are wondering if the rest of the office is so tidy, here is your answer:

We'll call this the "BEFORE Michelle put her organizational heart and soul into the room" picture. More on this room later.

In other news, today marks the first day of fall, which means I have committed  a Wreathery Fuax Pas.

Translation: I need to take down these spring/summer babies. It is officially past the season. Gasp!

It's tricky finding two wreaths; something I should have considered when purchasing a house with two doors for the entryway. Honestly I didn't think it would be that hard to find two coordinating wreaths.  I was wrong.

The goal is to go for a red-ish theme (mums perhaps?) This way the wreaths will not only carry me through the fall, but also through December, and then sail me through Valentine's Day, too.  The ideal is to have one set of Fall/Winter wreaths.  Perhaps this is insulting to Christmas-- not having a special set of Christmas Wreaths in my wreath future. For now the idea is to cut down on storage clutter. It's one less thing to put away and store. One less thing to remember to switch out.

So friends, if you find two darling wreaths that don't scream "PUMPKINS!" or "CHRISTMAS!"  but simply "fall! and winter!" give me a holler. I surely would appreciate it.

Happy Autumn!


Rebecca said...

Haha! I LOVE it!!!

Shelley said...

Michelle, that is truly awesome :)

Kristen said...

Oh my goodness you made my day...maybe even week. Kira is going to be SO jealous of your new piece of art. :) As far as wreaths, I'm with you. I don't want to store a wreath for every holiday/season. I have a red berry wreath that I put up after Halloween. It works for all occasions up through February. :)