Monday, August 1, 2011

Not just a pretty flower

Need a home for your rings while you're washing your hands? Painting the living room? Sleeping? {i think I read somewhere once upon a time that to protect your wedding ring(s) you should never go to bed with them...??} Don't want an eye sore to add to your daily sink clutter?


Purchased at Campus Craft and Floral at BYU. 

I love it when beauty meets function so harmoniously....


Heather Turner said...

Michelle, I LOVE this! I will be adding something like THIS to my "need to get for my future home" list.

Michelle said...

H- It is one of those things that are just so handy, so pretty, and something you will keep forever. :) Well, that's the plan. Mini-breakable flowers have a tendency to find their way into little girls' hands. We'll see how long this baby lasts.