Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Tuesday Letters

Dear RealSimple,

Every time I see your magazine, I want to order it. I know you have fabulous ideas. You have great style, taste, and ingenious contraptions that simplify and improve daily life. Perhaps one day I'll purchase a subscription. I think I would quite enjoy it.

I was at Bed Bath and Beyond, excited about finally getting my shoe situation under control.  If you care to know, I like shoes. I have limited space in my closet for them to be stored properly beautifully. My shoes were making themselves at home in random areas around my bedroom. They were becoming a health hazard.  While perusing my different shoe organizing options, I discovered that you have created these darling, cream colored with blue trim canvas shoe organizers that got my heart pumping. I couldn't believe I had found a shoe organizer that matched my bedroom decor!  I couldn't wait to get home and try them out. I purchased two. As with a lot of projects though around here, it takes me some time. Finally one evening after tucking the little ones in bed, I unwrapped your under-the-bed shoe organizers and began assembling them and sorting my shoes. 

It was a disaster. Why would anyone want to buy a shoe organizer that every time they pull it out, this results:

Really, this could be a simple fix. Just go to the home improvement store and have the nice guys there cut out some particle board that covers the entire floor of the shoe organizer. That way it wouldn't fall apart every time I tried to pull it out from under my bed. 

But who wants to FIX something that's supposed to already be FIXING a problem? Not me.

Fortunately Ikea has a better, cheaper solution. Not nearly as darling, but ooberly more functional. Here's my proof:

Shoe organizer under the bed:

What happens to the shoes when you pull them out from under the bed?


Get your think-tank crew together and fix this problem. Make your sides more firm or go the extra mile and include a floor for your organizer. Just my opinion anyway.


Dissatisfied Customer Michelle.

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