Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Spice up Your Life

I would love to move out my spices to free up some space in my pantry and drawers.  I've been gathering ideas for months now that incorporate beauty and function with spices. Perhaps they will inspire a solution!

courtesy of ETSY:
Carved Amarillo Yellow Beaker Spice Rack, Shabby Chic

via & etsy



 More pantry-esque organization ideas:

Wrap 'N Bag Organizers via 

Stick & Store Suspension Basket says: "The Under Shelf Basket creates a new storage space for your kitchen or bathroom. It slides on to fit most standard shelves. The slide-in, slide-out design makes for easy access to items stored in the basket. It is durable and easy to clean."
Under Shelf Basket

Slide N Stack Stacking Baskets via Rubbermaid says: "These baskets are ideal for base cabinet organization. Store everything from cereal to cleaning supplies. The stacking baskets provide additional storage in compact spaces. The baskets are quick and easy to install."


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