Monday, August 29, 2011

Moved Out

No, not out of my house. If I had to move out of my house I'd not be blogging, but likely at a therapist's office or a hospital receiving medical attention for my mental state. I've moved 12 times in my 8 years of marriage (in fact by the time we had been married 6.5 years, we had moved 12 times). I am not saying that with a "pity me" voice because I chose this life and I knew our lives would be nomadic until school was finished and the career was well underway. I'm saying "I've moved 12 times" in a matter-of-fact voice, giving you some background into my life and why I am who I am. While everyone else was discovering and perfecting new hobbies like quilting, sewing, designing, scrapbooking, running, painting, knitting, hairstyling, cell-splitting, book-writing, I spent the majority of my married life honing my packing and unpacking skills. Which I suppose in a very direct way gave birth to this blog. I haven't given much effort in exploring other hobbies, at least until this point because I was busy figuring out again where I should unpack my dishes.  And now that I am somewhat settled (knock on wood) I'm really enjoying myself in unpacking  FOREVER!  I really like the idea of being buried in the back yard, in fact.  Having moved so much, I'd really rather not move for a very long time.   So no, not talking about moving out of my home. I'm kicking myself out of my home office and designating the area as Husband's. The walls are dark brown and there is a big, ugly elk mounted on the wall that according to Husband, is an eternal fixture to that room. It just stares at me. I  can't work in there. So, I've been trying to figure out how I can "move out" without taking up much space somewhere else in my house.  So this is me dreaming....

The container store has offered this darling solution:

I love the color scheme of sea breeze blue, red, and of course silver, to tie in the Mac.   It takes up relatively little space and seems quite functional. 


A girl can dream, right?

PS I'm still trying to come up with a name for aforementioned Elk. Suggestions welcome.

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Mom Dad Ward said...

Yes a girl can dream and so she should. I would love an organized office like that. But I am sure that won't happen in this lifetime. As for the elk Name him Elmer and keep him hidden in the office. It could be worse he could want him in the front room. Love your spunk!